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This site has been inspired by the makers of Stebbington's Atlas of Britain*. These intrepid geographers decided to create a map of Britain with all the place names replaced with rude words.

The London News Review has kindly put up an excerpt of this wonderfully rude map here.

It quotes the makers as saying: 'At some point or other, everyone has thought it: I do wish someone would get on and produce an atlas of the British Isles in which every single place name has been replaced by an obscene or suggestive term.

'And that’s exactly what we are producing: an altogether new and ruder kind of road map. A map in which Hull becomes “Todger”, Norwich becomes “Nipple Clamp”, and Stoke Newington has the honour of being renamed “Buggeration”.'

This seemed like such a fabulous idea that I had to have a go at this myself. And here it is, the first Twatlas map of Australia (making special use of Australian slang sexual euphemisms).

Twatlas of Australia

The idea of a "twatlas" has appeared elsewhere on the internet in the form of a Flash "Sweary Map" with "vaginal euphemisms". Unfortunately that map makes wrong use of the Australian term "don't come the raw prawn with me" (believe it or not, this isn't about sex).

Want to send me your own version of a twatlas? Email it in and I'll put it on the site! Extra points for using geographically specific swear words.

* Is the Stebbington's Atlas of Britain actually real? I have no idea.

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